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Articles avec l'étiquette Posts with tag 'Wordpress'

Migrate WordPress comments to Giscus

5 mins

In this post about my migration process to Jekyll I explained the reasons that made me choose Giscus as commenting system. But unfortunately it does not come with a tool to migrate comments to GitHub. So I tried to make one.

Migrate WordPress to Jekyll

18 mins

I had migrated this site to WordPress in 2018 and I was very happy with it on many topics, but still, only 4 years after this migration I have decided to move to Jekyll.

WordPress plugin Language-Mix

1 min

I am using the great plugin language-mix for quite a while and having the same need described by the author the feature request “Group posts / show only the primary article“. Even if polylang pro has a feature to overcome this, I was not happy with buying the license for...

Add a new social option in OceanWP (for Thingiverse)

1 min

If you want to add a new social option in the topbar of OceanWP, you may have seen the OceanWP documentation here. But it adds it at the end. You you wish to reorder the new social option, here is a little trick, by inserting the new option in the...

Offline extraction of a WordPress site

2 mins

I want a offline browseable static version of my wordpress website to be able to put it on USB or upload to a backup static location. I searched some wordpress plugins to do that and wp2static seemed very promising. But it turned out disappointing (version 6.1) because of many flaws...

Migration vers WordPress !

13 mins

Après plus de 15 ans de bons et loyaux services, mon ancien site web commençait à nécessiter un bon lifting. Par ailleurs étant un mix d’une solution maison sur php pour le coeur du site, sur lequel était greffé dokuwiki pour la section wiki, serendipity pour le blog, et gallery1...