You can boot Linux with NT loader. This procedure is explained in details in the Linux+NT-Loader mini HOWTO. But if, like me, you would prefer to use LILO (LInux LOader), you can directly choose between your different OS. To do that, simply :

  • Copy the following files, from the Windows 9x partition (the first partition of your disk) to the Windows 2000 partition (warning, theses files ares hidden and system) :
    • arcldr.exe
    • arcsetup.exe
    • boot.ini
    • bootsect.dos
    • ntldr
  • Edit the boot.ini file on each partition :
    • Set timeout=00 in [boot loader] section. (in fact, we keep the ntloader, but we ask it to boot directly the default option without waiting. The advantage of this method is that we can always reuse the ntloader at any time.).
    • Put the appropriate line in default, i.e. dire C: on the Windows 9x partition, or multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)WINNT on the Windows 2000 partition (replace 2 by your Windows 2000 partition, a similar path should be present in your boot.ini, just copy it there.).
  • Make the appropriates changes in your lilo.conf. You should add something like : ``` other=/dev/hda1 label=win table=/dev/hda

    other=/dev/hda2 label=win2k


Launch lilo, That’s all ! Your three OS should now boot directly with LILO.