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Updated versions of the plugins available on the new page.

For more information, please see the french page of yuv or fourier plugins.

What are these plugins

  • yuv : a simple plugin to convert images to and from yuv in GIMP
  • fourier : a plugin that does a FFT of an image
    • The advantage of this plug-in over the other FFT plug-ins available is that it lets you work with the transformed image inside Gimp.
    • It can be used to remove moiré patterns (see README.Moire).

Download section

You can download GIMP at

How to use

On Windows, simply copy the binaries in the plugin directory of GIMP.

On GNU/Linux, download the source files, and type make; make install. You will need the development packages gimp-dev, glib-dev, gtk+-dev and fftw-dev.


  • These plugins have not been fully tested, and these is certainly dozen of bugs. Mogens Kjaer <[email protected]> have corrected some (see his original version on May 5, 2002
  • The FFT plugin use a special pixel to store data to be able to make te reverse FFT. If this pixel is altered (can be often when using filters) the reverse FFT will give a blank or black image… I am open to any suggestion to improve this.


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