XSLT Plugin for Dokuwiki

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You may want to do some XSL transformations in Dokuwiki, for instance to maintain a small database in xml, and be able to render it in Dokuwiki. This plugin adds this functionnality, provided Dokuwiki is installed on a server which have PHP5 and the xsl module.

Please consult the official page of the plugin on Dokuwiki


  • A Dokuwiki installation
  • PHP5
  • The xsl module


Use automatic installation from the plugin database or download.
More instructions on this page.


To use XSLT transformation, you will need to use &&XML&&, &&XSLT&& and &&END&& tags. Theses tags must have line separators before and after them. The xml file is located between &&XML&& and &&XSLT&&, and the xslt to use is between &&XSLT&& and &&END&&. Easy enough, no ?

Plugin code

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