Windows Programs (Win3.1 & Win98)

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FenWeb – A look on the web
QuickLaunch – Quicklaunch keys (for Gericom’s laptops)
LiensLNK – Manipulate Windows’ shortcuts.
Rendate – Rename files with the date.
Alcool – Alcohol rate – UNACHIEVED
Cluster – Real size of files
Code – Codage of messages
WinFont – Batch names of TTF

RP Soft 2002
This simple application displays a web page in a small window, and refresh the page sometimes. Some options are editable in fenweb.ini or in the sources.
Download the soft and sources.

RP Soft 2002
This set of programes aims at using easily quick acces keys on laptops (Gericom).It can send any message to any window, and for instance, can tell winamp to pley the next song. The programs are configured with a configuration file, as shown below :
These programs are able to :

  • launch any program with any arguments
  • send any messages to existing windows (for instance, play next in winamp)
Download the programs.
Download the sources.

LiensLNK – Manipulate Windows Shortcuts
RP Soft 2002
This set of programs aims at the easy modification of shortcuts within scripts.
Here are the available programs :

  • linkget : retrieve informations on a link.
  • linkset : create a new link.
  • linkresolve : try to update the location of the target.
  • linkupdt : set a new location for the target.
Download the programs.
Download the sources.

RenDate – Rename files with a date/
RP Soft 2002
This program aims at renaming files with a date in the filename within a script or batch file. (typical example : monfichier.txt becomes monfichier_030317.txt)
Download the program.
Download the DOS version of this program.

RP Soft 1996
This software aims at giving information on alcohol rate of consumers. But as I have not been able to have all the information I need, this project has been aborted. The interface is ready, just some constants of the formula are missing.If you have any information on this, or if you are interested, mail me.

RP Soft 1999
Win9x / SYSTEM
This program is useful when you want to simulate the size of files on a different filesystem, with different cluster sizes (for example a ZIP drive).
Download Cluster
Download Cluster’s help

RP Soft 1997
This software has been developed for animators who want to code some messages, in a game.
It is not a cryptographic program, but a program for fun.
Download Code
Download the help file of Code

RP Soft 1998
WIN / TTF Fonts
This utility will be helpful to people having a great number of TTF and wanting to classify these fonts. It will retrieve some information of several uninstalled fonts :

  • The name of the file
  • The name of the font
  • The size
  • The sort of the font

It is based of an old functionality of windows 3.1 and works thanks to the backward compatibility. It creates a temporary .FOT for each font and find in this file the name of the font and other information.

Use :

This program does not have any good interface. It will ask you :

  • the path where are stored files to examine
  • a temporary path name for the .FOT
  • the name of the results file. This file is semicolon separated, and is intend to be used by a spreadsheet, with the separator “;”.
Download WinFont
Download WinFont source code

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