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Multi-language Jekyll

8 mins

In the migration process of my website from WordPress to Jekyll, I had to deak with some multilanguage. I usually write in english what is susceptible to interest a large worldwide audience (like some article on jekyll), in french what is mainly targetted on french users or topics already widely...

LED MagicHome sous Domoticz

4 mins

J’ai acheté récemment ce mini controleur LED Wifi pour commander mon éclairage LED qui fonctionne parfaitement avec l’application MagicHome, Google Home et Alexa. Cependant je souhaite également l’utiliser dans Domoticz.

Migrate WordPress comments to Giscus

5 mins

In this post about my migration process to Jekyll I explained the reasons that made me choose Giscus as commenting system. But unfortunately it does not come with a tool to migrate comments to GitHub. So I tried to make one.

View your website locally without environment

3 mins

You may want for some reasons to see your website outside its deployment environment, for instance to see an older version. There are full-featured WAMP/LAMP servers with all the tools needed, and I used for my WordPress years the great MicroApache that bundle Apache+PHP+SQLite in less than 1 Mb. But...

Redirects on GitHub Pages

4 mins

I have recently migrated my website on Jekyll hosted by GitHub Pages. As always, redirects are a good thing to avoid 404, and I have a bunch from the very first version of my website. However, GitHub Pages is not a webserver like Apache or NGINX and there is no...

Migrate WordPress to Jekyll

19 mins

I had migrated this site to WordPress in 2018 and I was very happy with it on many topics, but still, only 4 years after this migration I have decided to move to Jekyll.


1 min

Dans l’article WSL2, Docker, et VMWare simultanément sous Windows, nous avions vu comment mettre en place un socle de virtualisation commun pour tous ces outils. Voici comment ajouter un environnement Kubernetes

Lire les corrections de lunettes

4 mins

Il existe plusieurs notations pour les verres de lunettes, et bien sûr les ophtalmologistes et les opticiens n’utilisent pas les mêmes. Pour s’y retrouver, il faut apprendre à lire et convertir les différentes écritures.

How to save a mdadm array with a kernel patch

7 mins

To keep my online storage safe, I use a mdadm raid5 array on my Linux box for more than a decade. This has proven to be very useful as all hard drives, regardless the quality, will fail one day. In my case, almost a third of my drives have failed,...