This game is an adaptation of the old GameBoy game. This game is the property of Altus Ltd, but seems to be abandonned. The goal is to get the hero(s) reaching the exit, avoiding obstacles, gaps, blocks or swivels.

(puis double cliquer pour lancer)


  • Arrows : move the current hero.
  • PageUp / PageDown : change hero.
  • +/-/Suppr : Next / Previous / Restart level.

Elements du jeu

Blanc Empty space.
Bloc_sol Block on the ground.
Bloc_trou Piece of block over a gap.
joueur1 Hero 1
joueur2 Hero 2
joueur3 Hero 3
joueur4 Hero 4
mur Wall
sortie Exit
tourn_centre Center of a swivel.
tourn_ext_sol Swivel on the ground.
tourn_ext_trou Swivel over a gap.
trou Gao


  • Level editor.
  • Pretty graphics (any contribution is welcome !).
  • Animation of the moves.

Start the game !

Form the JAR file

Download the JAR file kwirk.jar, and simply double-clic it. (You may have a security warning about this file ; this is absolutely normal for this kind of file and this one is not malicious)


Launch the Java Applet Applets being now deprecated, this possibility was desactivated.

Standalone application

From a Java Console (All OS)

Launch in standalone mode : java kwirk

Launch in applet mode : appletviewer kwirk_applet.html

Download /files/old-web/prog/kwirk/ !

From Windows

Unzip this file and execute kwirk.exe.
Download /files/old-web/prog/kwirk/ !

Source Code

The source code is under the GPL Licence : source code