Create a shared / roaming profile in Linux

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Sharing a profile between several Linux hosts is not an easy task for the moment. You will be tempted to share exactly the same profile folder, but this will cause some problems with local settings. The easiest solution is to create a .roaming folder in which you will put all the files you want to share, and share it between all hosts. Then you will create symbolic links to this .roaming folder.

Here is a script to create all the links for you. You can re-run it if you have added a new file or folder in your .roaming folder.

Share with virtfs

In order to avoid problems with user rights in your virtfs folder (and avoid ‘Permission denied’ in folder withoud read attributes for everybody), you must start qemu with no confinment. To do this, edit /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf and uncomment/add these lines

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