Cropping photos made Simple.

RPhoto is a lightweight free software aiming at the easy handling of digital camera’s photos. Its origin resides in the lack of a simple software capable of cropping photos with a constant ratio, to avoid white borders when printing. Available on Windows & Linux.

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Version 0.4.5 – Other Windows & Linux downloads:

Why RPhoto?

Crop / Rotate with Fixed Ratio

Crop images with a constant width / height ratio (by example 4:3 for numeric photos) to avoid blank borders when printing images, and to keep a consistent gallery.

Lossless operations

Crop, rotate and flip your JPEG photo without losing quality of your picture.

Free & Open source

RPhoto is completely Free for personal and commercial use. It is also open source. Source code is available on Github. Feel free to contribute !Crop, rotate and flip your JPEG photo without losing quality of your picture.

English & French

Localized in French and English, and partly in Czech and Russian.

Add a legend and view EXIF data

Edit the legend of your picture to describe the scene, the place, a memory, or whatever you feel. Exif Data taken by your camera will be easily displayed. All brand of cameras are supported.

Optimized for lots of photos

Designed to handle easilsy a large set of photos. Keyboard shortcuts to move to next or previous photo, to organize/select photos in a specific folder, to delete bad photos,…

Multi-platforms & up-to-date

Written for high portability, RPhoto is distributed for Windows and Linux, and should be very easily ported to other desktop platforms. It is frequently updated to most recent releases of software to always be compatible to your computer.

Quick start and User manual

Quick start and User manual are bundled in the software (click here to view)

Watch a demo


“RPhoto: almost perfect image viewer”

RPhoto is lightweight, very fast, and offers basic rotate, resize and crop functions, optimizes JPEG files, has a built-in file explorer and is able to read EXIF data. After using it a bit, RPhoto already became my default image viewer and I am sure most of you will also like it!

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