Some of the softwares may not be listed here : browse the site !

Program List

  • GUI Launcher : GUI to use command line tools with arguments.
  • IntelliMenu : Contextual menu to insert predefined text.
  • DSPGen : Generate Visual Studio 6 Projects.
  • IMPhoto : Handy tootl to resize photos with a fixed ratio.
  • GIMP Plugins : two GIMP plugins to work with YUV and in Fourier’s space.
  • BkmToolbar : plugin to use Netscape’s bookmarks in Internet Explorer.
  • Kwirk : a funny game.
  • Coma with OpenOffice : Replace the point of the numpad (numerical separator) with a coma, for french OpenOffice users.
  • Scripts : Some usefull scripts in Shell, Python and Perl.
  • VDBatch : Create a VirtualDub joblist, to reencode several files.
  • Misc :
    • Laby : Generate Mazes.
    • Chess : Generate chess boards.
    • Crosswords : Grenerate crossword grids.
    • WinFM : Internet Traffic Counter.
    • TTFDumper2 : Extract information from several TTF files.

Older Programs

  • DOS Programs
    • Init – Check the use of your computer
    • NoHTML – Remove HTML tags
    • SaveMEM – Save DOS memory
    • SysPause – A pause in the config.sys
  • Windows Programs
    • QuickLaunch – Quicklaunch keys (for Gericom’s laptops)
    • LiensLNK – Manipulate Windows’ shortcuts.
    • Rendate – Rename files with the date.
    • Alcool – Alcohol rate – UNACHIEVED
    • Cluster – Real size of files
    • Code – Codage of messages
    • WinFont – Batch names of TTF
  • Excel documents
    • Cassette – Tape labels.
    • Zip – Zip labels.
  • Casio Programs
  • TI Programs


All these software are provided “as is” and without any warranties. These software are free : FREEWARE!   Sources are available on demand.

You can use freely it and modify it provided you respect the following rules:

  • All modification must be notified in the source code, and be documented.
  • The name, the goal and the author’s name of the program, must not be altered.
  • You may warn me of yours modifications.

Translations will be welcome.


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