Accessing local hard drive

You can add local hard drives directly to a VM.

# qm set 101 add -scsi0 /dev/sdd

Where you have to replace :

  • 101 with your VMid
  • scsi0 with your dest driver (could be ideX, scsiX,…)
  • /dev/sdd with the hard drive you want

Note that :

  • you have to be very carefull that no more than a VM use a disk in the same time
  • you must give the whole disk, not only a partition ; but then you will be able to mount only one partition of that disk

Have a better VGA driver

Proxmox/KVM use by default the cirrus driver. But I have experienced some trouble using VNC with this driver. Instead you can use the std VGA driver. This driver works well, but you may only have 800×600 resolution on Linux. To have more, you can update the vgabios.bin file located in /usr/share/kvm with the one available on the Bochs website (

root@proxmox:~# cd /usr/share/kvm
root@proxmox:/usr/share/kvm# wget
root@proxmox:/usr/share/kvm# mv vgabios-stdvga.bin vgabios-stdvga.bin.dist
root@proxmox:/usr/share/kvm# ln vgabios-0.7a.bin vgabios-stdvga.bin

Then stop your VM and start it again (restart is not enough), and it should be better.

Accessing your VM

Use TigerVNC