Please see the dokuwiki plugin homepage :


Use automatic installation from the plugin database or download.
More instructions on this page.

You may also use for downloading the zip file or to contribute to this plugin.


The full syntax is :

Where :

  • namespace:image is the location of the image to use in the media manager
  • extra css is some css code to add to the button, or the name of a style defined with conf.styles (see below)
  • wiki page is the targetted id page
  • Title of the link is the name that will be displayed on the button (‘\’ will break the line in the button)

All fields are optional, so the minimal syntax is :

You may configure some styles to use in your buttons without repeating all the css :

Where :

  • conf.styles is the keyword to set the styles
  • style is the name of the style you want to set ; if ‘default’, it will be added to all buttons
  • css is the css code you will assign to that style

Note that the CSS part is a bit tricky due to the selectors used in the template CSS and the layout needed for the button. By default, the style of the links is not repeated (just external links icon). See comments in style.css file for more information.

You may also configure the target of the link with the use of :

Example :


  • If you experience display problems with Internet Explorer, please check the “Compatibility Mode” setting.


Latest changelog code is available on download on the dokuwiki plugin page

  • 19/05/2013 : Initial release
  • 20/04/2014 : Added target support (feature request from Andrew St Hilaire)

Source code

Latest source code is available on download on the dokuwiki plugin page



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