For further information, please refer to the site TI-Calc from where comes the most of the information of this page.

Hardware part

Make these cables is not a problem, except the bad quality of the jack 2.5mm connectors. To avoid these problems of compatibility with the TI connectors, you can split a TI-TI cable.

Parallel port

The parallel port cable is from far the easiest to do, the cheapest, and the most efficient :

Cable TI ParallèleCable TI Parallèle

Serial port

This cable is not easy to make and less efficient because of its limited speed and the lack of good software. :
Cable TI SerieCable TI Serie

Software part

The best software is gtklink existing under Windows and under Linux. You can download here a version for windows and here for Linux. Please go to TI-CALC for the latest versions. If you use the windows version, you will need port95nt.exe.

You will find on the linking page of TiCalc the other software.


I cannot speak of TI software without speaking of the emulator Virtual TI. It emulates perfectly a large number of TI calculators, like the 89 and the 92. In addition, it is beautiful and has many interesting features as debugging, the virtual link, and ROM Wizards,…

You can find it on this page the latest version of Virtual TI.