wxRectTracker component

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This control aims at providing same functionnalies as the MFC CRectTracker for wxWidgets. It is basically a selection rectangle with dragging capabilites, to set its size and position.

Sources : zip archive (~54ko)

wxRectTracker is a reusable component which is part of RPhoto ; you may find a more recent source code bundled with it.


(Windows or GTK)



The code is documented with doxygen, you may generate the documentation and find  :

  • The main component : wxRectTracker
  • Some explainations on how to make it work on GTK (in RectTracker.h)
  • The wxRectTrackerRatio derivate component



wxRectTracker is distributed under the wxWindows licence (based on L-GPL). It allows you to use and distribute freely this software, within the respect of the wxWindows licence.

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