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Articles avec l'étiquette Posts with tag 'Javascript'

Top viewed posts in Jekyll with Piwik

4 mins

Static site generators are cool to make simple, efficient and easy to host websites, but obviously not able to realize dynamic features. As it cannot be implemented server-side, the only way to implement such feature is to do it browser-side with some JavaScript.

Retraits partiels assurance vie

6 mins

L’assurance-vie a une fiscalité particulière, notamment sur l’imposition des intérêts lors des retraits qui bénéficie d’un abattement de 4600 €, qu’il n’est pas forcément simple de calculer en cas de retraits partiels. C’est ce que nous allons voir dans cet article.

Multi-language Jekyll

8 mins

In the migration process of my website from WordPress to Jekyll, I had to deak with some multilanguage. I usually write in english what is susceptible to interest a large worldwide audience (like some article on jekyll), in french what is mainly targetted on french users or topics already widely...

Redirects on GitHub Pages

4 mins

I have recently migrated my website on Jekyll hosted by GitHub Pages. As always, redirects are a good thing to avoid 404, and I have a bunch from the very first version of my website. However, GitHub Pages is not a webserver like Apache or NGINX and there is no...

JSweet – Convert applets to javascript

5 mins

JSweet is a tool that can convert java to javascript. I have in 2001 written a couple of Java applets that don’t work anymore with the disappearance of java applets from browsers. I decided by curiosity to look at JSweet to convert those applets in javascript, and that was not...