Get Dropbox comments

The comment feature is very handy on dropbox documents, but there is no functionality to export them, and no API to use them. Fortunately, it seems it exists an undocumented /comments2/list_comments API. I made a proof of concept of this API to get the ability to exports comments. (suite…)

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JSweet – Convert applets to javascript

JSweet is a tool that can convert java to javascript. I have in 2001 written a couple of Java applets that don’t work anymore with the disappearance of java applets from browsers. I decided by curiosity to look at JSweet to convert those applets in javascript, and that was not that easy. (suite…)

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WordPress – Issue with latest Redirection update and SQLite Integration

I had some issue after upgrade the Redirection plugin to 4.0. Redirections were not working anymore and I was unable to add some (with ugly “something went wrong” and a 500 API error code). It turned out that was because an incompatibility of the database upgrade with the SQLite Integration plugin : the database upgrade uses many keywords unknown to SQLite (“AFTER” keyword in ALTER TABLE, “SUBSTRING_INDEX” and “LEFT” functions) (suite…)

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Scrap2API – Easy scrapping from Excel / LibreOffice

You may want to have in Excel some contents from the Internet. In some case, the basic functionalities of Excel / LibreOffice will be enough to get the data, but in most of the case, you will need more complex processing. So I wrote a simple script that will scrap the content with regular expression, xpath or css selector, and expose the results in a very simple API so that Excel / LibreOffice will be able to use it.  (suite…)

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Offline extraction of a WordPress site

I want a offline browseable static version of my wordpress website to be able to put it on USB or upload to a backup static location. I searched some wordpress plugins to do that and wp2static seemed very promising. But it turned out disappointing (version 6.1) because of many flaws in the crawler (many url were missed) and in the ways url are rendered as it is mainly intended to output with a full target URL (relative URLs are really not working at all). I tried a bit to patch the plugin but the code  was too difficult to understand and modify. So I decided to use a tool outside wordpress, the well known httrack I used years ago. (suite…)

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