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XMLDiff 1

3 mins

This is the first release of xmldiff, now bundled with libxmldiff. You should really use the new version. The one below is only kept for historical purpose.

GUI Launcher (Old)

2 mins

GUI Launcher aims at providing an easy solution for building front end GUI for command line tools. It is now replaced by Guit It !Download windows binaries or python sources. (As this is python, the program is cross-platform). This application does not need any installation. Just unzip the contents of...


6 mins

IntelliMenu est une petite application qui permet très facilement de coller du texte prédéfini, de manière contextuelle. Cela est très pratique si vous êtes amenés à retaper souvent la même phrase ou ligne de commande (ex : requete SQL, signature,…). Les éléments disponibles sont organisés de manières arborescente. Le menu...

XML Pre Diff Tool

3 mins

This is the ancestor of libxmldiff ; you should really consider using the new one but the method below is not uninteresting.

PuTTY Suspend Patch

1 min

I use PuTTY with screen, and I also use the hibernate function of Windows. The problem is that connections timeout, and I have after each resume to close/reopen/resize all of my PuTTY windows.This patch is a very quick workaround. It handles the Windows Power Message (WM_POWERBROADCAST), and when resuming it...