Common Use
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xmlTreeNav aims at providing easy navigation in XML files.

Common Use

Common use of this software is to :

It has also powerful display functionnalities as XSL or HTML display that allows to do XSLT transformation on the XML file and display the resulting XML or HTML file, this is very useful to

Diff two XML files

Run the application, and select File / Open and Compare menu ; you will see the diff window :

Note that the settings are those of libxmldiff, the diff library used underlying ; you may find more detailled instructions in libxmldiff documentation.


Several displays are preconfigured, you can choose the best to fit to your file :

The 'Diff' menu adds two options for xml files resulting of a diff operation :

You may use advanced display capabilites :


You can search through the file with XPath langage (only XPath expression returning nodes) ; some basic XPath samples are given in the search box and 'Help / Quick XPath reference" menu. The number of found nodes will be displayed in the status bar.

The 'Next' button will navigate through the results. The item number will be displayed in the status bar.

Then, press the "Apply" button, or use the shortcut Ctrl-Return; your text should now be displayed in black, and is now memorized to be saved with the file.

All nodes could be expanded or collapsed with the menu items in Edit, or their shortcuts

You can copy the underlying XML part of the selected node with 'Edit / Copy' and paste it in a text editor



This screen allows you to modify every single settings :


The config.xml file is a basic XML file with a main node 'xmltreenav' to add more options.

Custom displays

You can preconfigure custom displays with 'display' nodes with the following attributes :

Example : <display name="Display only added, removed or equal" type="local" file="filter-added-removed-or-equal.xsl" />

You can preconfigure custom searches with 'search' nodes with the following attributes :

Example : <search name="All Nodes with content text toto" expr="//*[text()='toto']" />

Command Line

A few options are available on the command line :
xmlTreeNav [/x localdisplay.xsl] [/h htmldisplay.xsl] [/c config.xml] xmlfile.xml

License, Updates, Support

This software is distributed under GPL license ; it basically means that its use is free and its source code is available in order to allow you to improve it (see GPL license for conditions).

Home location of this software is : . You will find there documentation, updates and contact information.