GitHub Migration

GitHub is a great collaborative development platform for Open Source. My projects were currently only published in source zip files, and my SVN repository was private. Having played a while with GitHub, this is now a must have if you want some contributions. So I decided to publish my projects to GitHub.

But I had some exigences :

  • Keep separate a ‘private’ repository and the GitHub public one : I use a repository to sync files between my Linux and Windows development environments with a lot of technical commits
  • Have history commits (but cleaned of those technical commits and rubbish comments)

As I use SVN for my private repository, it is very easy to distinguish from git commits. And both tools perfectly works alongside each other.

To migrate contents, I wrote two scripts, inspired by this article about GIT commits in the past : (suite…)

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Publications sous GitHub

J'ai enfin publié aujourd'hui mes principaux projets open source sous GitHub : RPhoto : xmlTreeNav : libxmldiff : Plutôt qu'une conversion basique de mon repository SVN local avec toutes ses…

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