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Passage sous aptly de mon repository debian

L’ancien outil debarchiver que j’utilisais alors se faisait vieux et capricieux, et le repository ne marchait plus. Un nouvel outil aptly est apparu depuis et semble beaucoup plus performant. Voici donc mon nouveau repository :

Ci-dessous quelques indications pour créer un repository aptly


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RPhoto 0.4.4-2

Une nouvelle version de RPhoto est sortie, ajoutant des traductions tcheques et russes fournies par des contributeurs sur (voir Changelog), ainsi que deux petites options pour fixer la taille…

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Travis, Github et doxygen

Dans la continuité de la migration des projets sur GitHub, l’ajout d’une intégration continue s’imposait. J’ai choisi travis, un des plus connus et qui a le mérite d’être gratuit pour les projets open source. Très puissant, il permet également d’autres intégration, comme la génération automatique de la documentation doxygen et de la publication sur les pages GitHub. C’est déployé uniquement pour libxmldiff pour l’instant car c’est le projet qui en a le plus besoin, mais les autres devraient suivre.  (suite…)

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GitHub Migration

GitHub is a great collaborative development platform for Open Source. My projects were currently only published in source zip files, and my SVN repository was private. Having played a while with GitHub, this is now a must have if you want some contributions. So I decided to publish my projects to GitHub.

But I had some exigences :

  • Keep separate a ‘private’ repository and the GitHub public one : I use a repository to sync files between my Linux and Windows development environments with a lot of technical commits
  • Have history commits (but cleaned of those technical commits and rubbish comments)

As I use SVN for my private repository, it is very easy to distinguish from git commits. And both tools perfectly works alongside each other.

To migrate contents, I wrote two scripts, inspired by this article about GIT commits in the past : (suite…)

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Publications sous GitHub

J'ai enfin publié aujourd'hui mes principaux projets open source sous GitHub : RPhoto : xmlTreeNav : libxmldiff : Plutôt qu'une conversion basique de mon repository SVN local avec toutes ses…

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Recover from disk accident crash

I had this very bad habit of testing speed of my disks with dd, very simply :

But with some lack of sleep, I accidentaly replaced the wrong argument and wrote to my disk, by putting my disk in ‘of’ instead of ‘if’ argument. My disks are in RAID5 to have redundancy and allow one failure. If it was a physical disk, that would be OK, just have to resync the array. But this would have been too easy, and the mistake was done with the array disk, unrecoverable. And with the first giga of the disk, it aims critical data…The repair was quite difficult, it took me one day to minimally recover and the service to be back again (step 1), but siw months to fully recover (step 2). As it could be useful, below are main parts. (suite…)

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