Visual Studio 2015

Avant de vous lancer dans l’installation de Visual Studio 2015 il faut être conscient des différences importantes introduites dans cette version. Microsoft publie la page listant les modifications avec…

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VSFolderMove : Move your Visual Studio persnnal folder

Visual Studio creates your personal folder in %userdata%/Documents which is surprising and anoying when you want to keep the Documents for documents… You may think that as a professionnal developer tool, there will be a simple setting for the personal folder, but you are wrong, and it is a real pain to change this folder.

Different possibilities are shown on internet forums :

  • give up
  • change registry settings (a lot)
  • use a ntfs junction to move files (do not solve the pollution in documents, but files will be in right place)

I choose the registry one, and decided to provide a small tool to help with : VSFolderMove (suite…)

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