Virus Prevention

This text was first published in the free What-Computer magazine. I found it so good that I wanted to translate it in french. This page is here only for those…

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TI – PC cables

For further information, please refer to the site TI-Calc from where comes the most of the information of this page. Hardware part Make these cables is not a problem, except…

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Infra-Red Sensor

Hardware part Software part Windows configuration Linux configuration Hardware part Different circuits are available. The easiest is maybe to take an infrared sensor and to connect it on the serial…

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qimono / Pixabay

Configuration files

Some configuration files : Zsh : A convenient shell, with handy autocompletion XFree86 4.0.1 : XFree86 4 configuration file GVim : Excellent editor, under Linux and Windows. This configuration files…

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IP Flow Meter

You will find on this page some instructions to use IPFM, in order to monitor bandwidth usage on a global network. See also : WinFM to monitor your bandwith usage…

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TTF Fonts for StarOffice 5.1

StarOffice 5.1 does not have TTF support, even through the X server. In fact, StarOffice has its own font managment. There are two ways to use TTF in StarOffice. Both…

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This game is an adaptation of the old GameBoy game. This game is the property of Altus Ltd, but seems to be abandonned. The goal is to get the hero(s)…

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New ! RPhoto has been released. RPhoto is an important evolution of the concept of IMPhoto. Check out the RPhoto's page. The development of IMPhoto will be discontinued. IMPhoto Download…

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