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XML Pre Diff Tool

This is the ancestor of libxmldiff ; you should really consider using the new one but the method below is not uninteresting. Why ? Diff on XML files is a…


VDBatch – Virtual Dub Job Maker

You may know Virtual Dub, this excellent video software (work with all 1.4 versions) You may also have numerous video files badly encoded, that you wish to re-encode with better…

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A comma under a French StarOffice

StarOffice in French You can very easily run StarOffice in French. Under Windows, it is done automatically during the installation process. Under Linux, you just have to export the LANG…


PuTTY Suspend Patch

I use PuTTY with screen, and I also use the hibernate function of Windows. The problem is that connections timeout, and I have after each resume to close/reopen/resize all of…


DSP Generator for Visual Studio 6

Why ? Principles / Use Downloads Why ? Generate automatically a .dsp can be usefull in several cases : You want to modify an existing project without rebuilding by hand…