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XSLT Plugin for Dokuwiki

You may want to do some XSL transformations in Dokuwiki, for instance to maintain a small database in xml, and be able to render it in Dokuwiki. This plugin adds this functionnality, provided Dokuwiki is installed on a server which have PHP5 and the xsl module.

Please consult the official page of the plugin on Dokuwiki (more…)


wxRectTracker component

This control aims at providing same functionnalies as the MFC CRectTracker for wxWidgets. It is basically a selection rectangle with dragging capabilites, to set its size and position. Sources :…


Digital Camera Chronometer

Chronometer was developped to have an idea of the speed of a digital camera. To measure this time with Chronometer, you only have to press [space] at the same time…

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wxWidgets Contributions

wxWidgets is a great portable GUI library. Here are some various wxWidgets Contributions


These contributions are published under wxWindows licence (based on L-GPL). (more…)

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Gimp Plugin Development environments

Aljacom has created great development environments for Gimp 2.8 32bits and 64bits. Follow instructions on Outdated - Setting a GIMP Plugin development environment. For now, creating a sane environment…