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Download 0.3.3-2 (24/12/2016)

Download the xmlTreeNav setup (Win32 binary only), also available as zip file with command line tool and zip file without command line tool
Download the Source (Win32, Linux)
Debian Packages available on the debian packages page.
Ubuntu Packages available on the ppa ppa:rpeyron/ppa


xmlTreeNav aims at providing easy navigation in XML files.


Please read the quick user guide in the Help menu of the application or online


These programs are released under the GPL license. Basically, it allows you to use the program at no charge, and freely adapt the provided source code to your needs.


Screenshot of xmlTreeNav :
Screenshot of the UI
Classical Example of a graphical XML diff.

Screenshot of the UI
Example of HTML View


Simplified changelog (see Changelog file for full log)
2016-11-12 17:13  remi 0.3.3
	* Fix several folders and packaging issues
	* Added User Guide (Feature request from R. Prastein)
	* Added Default Diff Options in settings dialog (Feature request from R. Prastein)
	* Added XPath help (Feature request from R. Prastein)
	* Feature request from Roberto BORIOTTI (bovirus) : expand/collapse all, and installer change

2015-08-03 21:13  remi 0.3.2
	* Updated to wxWidgets 3.0.2  (was difficult with wxChecks and wxTreeCtrl changes...)
	* Added italian langage thanks to bovirus
	* Fixed some issues reported by bovirus
	* Fixed other bugs (show only diffs,...)
	* Added legend menu
	* Fixed build system
	* Updated icon
	* Upgraded about box to wxAboutBox

2008-09-29 18:46  remi 0.3.1
	* Moved to wxWidgets 2.8
	* Improved look'n feel on Linux
	* Added Visual C++ 2008 project file
	* Added --ignore to diff options

2006-07-23 18:44  remi 0.3.0
	* Add XPath  Bar


2004-08-21 20:07  remi  0.1.0
	* Initial CVS Release
    * Single file tree view  
    * Working XSLT Display 
    * XPath search  
    * Preferences  * Localized  
    * Windows and Linux build system (wxGTK2.5)

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