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Download (v0.4.4-2, 29/12/2017)

Windows : zip archive (~2,8 Mo) or setup (~2,4 Mo)
Debian : available here (amd64, 0.4.4), or with this local apt-get repository
Ubuntu : use the ppa ppa:rpeyron/ppa (add-apt-repository ppa:rpeyron/ppa ; apt-get update ; apt-get install rphoto)
Sources 0.4.4-2 (Windows and Linux) : rphoto_src.tar.gz
Documentation : User manual


RPhoto is a small software aiming at the easy handling of digital camera's photos. (RPhoto is the next generation of IMPhoto). Its origin resides in the lack of a simple software capable of cropping photos with a constant ratio, to avoid white borders when printing. Main features are :

See the user manual to have the extensive list of features.




RPhoto is distributed under the GPL licence. It allows you to use and distribute freely this software, within the respect of the GPL licence. Sources are available too. For full information, please see the full GPL licence..


Simpified changelog below (see Changelog file for full changelog)
2015-09-20 15:28  remi  0.4.4
	* Added option to set the size of the handles (feature request from S. Groteloh)
	* Added option AutoCrop to crop before saving (feature request from S. Groteloh)
	* Updated build system and newer library support

2013-06-08 15:28  remi  0.4.3
	* Added Default Folder and Remember Last Opened Folder option (feature request from Asen A. and Eric D.)
	* Updated libexif, jpegtran  to their latest versions
	* Added jhead dependancy (for -autorot)
	* Added AutoRot feature (not activated by default) (feature request from Asen and Max)
	* Added support for buggy JPEG with multi APP1 tags (will parse all tags for Exif and keep all duplicated while saving)
	* Added Auto Select Max feature  (feature request from Eric D.)
	* Added Save Path and Save Path and Next feature  (feature request from Eric D.)

2012-07-28 17:33  remi  0.4.2
    * Added Mask off areas to be cropped off (feature requested by Marcus S. & Fank B.)
    * Added AutoSave Folder & Suffix (feature requested by Fank B.)
    * Added Confirmation when not save (Marcus S.)
    * Fixed tracker size when tracking

2012-05-28 16:17  remi  0.4.1
	* Added Guide Ratio feature (feature request from Wolfgang Z.)
    * Moved wxRectTracker to new wxEvtHandler (from Troels K)
    * Fixed some bugs reported by Marcus S.
    * Updated documentation
2009-10-18 18:03  remi  0.4.0
	* Fixed MoveTo directory tree bug
	* Added Resize feature

2008-09-29 12:39  remi  0.3.2
	* Vista compatibility
	* Updated to wxWidgets 2.8
	* Full Unicode support
	* Moved to wxVillaLib 1.5
	* Fixed exif str64 encoding
	* Embedded wrjpgcom for comment editing
	* Added custom ratio lists
	* Added comment encoding support
	* Added default ratios requested by mail
	* Added uppercase extensions for Linux
	* Fixed many layout problems

2006-07-16 17:47  remi  0.3.0
    * Lot of BugFixes and features

2005-03-05 21:11  remi   0.2.1
	* Switched to wxVillaLib 1.1 ( for wx2.5 support
    * Modularized wxmisc
    * Moved wxRectTracker in separate module
    * Modified GTK Hack architecture (replaced C++ multiple inheritance for interface by a "simple" host
    * Improved PaintDC GTK architecture
	* Merged Jeremie Fouche improvements.	
    * Split wxRectTracker in  wxRectTrackerRatio for ratio specific stuff 
    * Added external documentation to wxRectTracker

2004-01-17 23:50  remi  0.2.0
	* JPEG Quality handling & detection  
    * Support for other file formats, and non lossless operation
	* Debian package files by Krys.

2004-01-04 22:45  remi
	* Renamed Project to RPhoto
	* Added langages files and macros

2003-12-29 16:22  remi
    * Initial import

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