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Downloads (v2.1)

Gui It ! Win32 Binaries (XP, NT4)
Gui It ! source code (Python, works also under Linux)


GUI It ! aims at providing an easy solution for building front end GUI for command line tools.

With a simple XML configuration file, you can customize your Front End, with simple widgets as a file picker, a directory chooser, a text input, checkboxes, combo boxes. In addition, you can organize several commands in a tabbed tree, to build a fully integrated solution to all your needs, allying the power of the command line with a user-friendly interface.

For more information, please see the Gui It ! manual


Gui It ! screenshot


Gui It ! is release under the GPL license, as its predecessor GUI Launcher. This basically means that you can freely use it and distribute it at no cost, and even modify the provided source code, in the respect of the GPL license.

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